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Sports Health Operations Consulting

This service is for athletic organizations or teams who are not adequately equipped to provide basic sports medicine services to their athletes.  Do not wait until an athlete suffers a major injury to address your teams' medical needs and medical policies.

Athletic Training Services

  AthCare offers Board Certified Athletic Trainers and other sports health professionals to provide services for athletic organizations, individual teams, special events or camps.  If you don't have an Athletic Trainer at a sporting event, your athletes are NOT receiving the medical care that they are entitled to. 

Performance Enhancement Training

Even the best athletes can improve their performance.  With AthCare Performance Camps and video instuction, individual athletes or teams can receive the best in professional instruction to improve speed, agility, and quickness - which can result in better results on the playing field and more wins for the team!

Concussion Care for Athletes

All athletes are at risk for concussions!  Recent events have made the Sports Medicine community aware of ways to protect our athletes.  Through this service, learn how to decrease the risk and avoid the long term effects of this VERY COMMON SPORTS INJURY. You should not be afraid to learn about concussions, but you should be afraid if you don't.

Enrollment into AthCare's Athlete Concussion Program includes a PRE-CONCUSSION BASELINE test.  This is one of the best means of assessing the effects of a concussion and may help the athlete, parent, coach, athletic trainer, and physician make the decision on when an athlete is safe to return to activity after suffering a concussion. YOU CAN NOT TREAT A CONCUSSION LIKE A SPRAINED ANKLE (after all, you can't see swelling and bruising in the head like you can at the ankle). Contact AthCare now to enroll!



Injury Prevention

Sports Physical Examinations


FREE Sports Health Resources to download
Information on Sports Concussions
Guidelines for Minimizing Injuries for High School Athletes
To follow up on what you have learned from Dr. Kanter on WFAN's "Sports Edge with Rick Wolff" - the resources below are additional references pertaining to sports-related concussions
Hossler, P. & Savage, R. (2006). GettingA-Head of Concussions. Wake Forest, NC: Lash & Associates Publishing/Training, Inc

Nowinski, C. (2007). Head Games: Football's Concussion Crisis. Wake Forest, NC: Lash & Associates Publishing/Training, Inc

Free CDC Tool Kit on Concussion for High School Coaches!
AthCare's Director and Mission Statement
Stephen Kanter, Director of AthCare (top row, first person from the right,2003 Las Vegas Gladiators Team Photo) has been involved in professional sports since 1996 when he was hired to work for the NFL's New York Giants.  Most recently, he served as the Director of Sports Medicine Service for the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena Football League (AFL) .  Kanter has served as a Certfied Athletic Trainer and Licensed Physical Therapist for several major and minor league professional teams, ALL divisions of the NCAA, and at the high school level.  With this experience and under his guidance, AthCare is able to provide professional league healthcare to ALL athletes and performance artists.
2003 Las Vegas Gladiators Arena Football Team
Don't let injuries affect your golf game. AthCare provides the best in injury prevention and management.


AthCare believes that all people deserve individualized and comprehensive healthcare.  Whereas this level of care may be considered exclusive to professional athletes and other entertainers, this level of care IS available for all men and women.

AthCare believes that anyone who wants high quality healthcare should receive high quality care.

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